When Jesus Christ Superstar opens at the Arts Centre in Melbourne tonight it will mark the debut of Zoy Frangos with The Production Company.

“I love The Production Company. I love that Melbourne has it, because it’s such a wonderful breeding ground for newcomers. It’s also a place for established stars to come back and work with up and comers. You get three shows a year, every year. One of the reasons I chose to study at VCA was the knowledge I had The Production Company down the road and I could go and see their shows … I’m so glad to be able to do one, I’ve always wanted to do one.” said Frangos.

Frangos remembers watching Simon Gleeson in The Production Company’s critically acclaimed season of Chess (directed by Gale Edwards, who is also directing Jesus Christ Superstar).

“I said to a friend, if I could understudy any actor in Australia I want to understudy this guy – then a year later, I did understudy him in Les Miserables. He’s taught me a lot and I’m looking forward to putting this into practice.”

Not only will Jesus Christ Superstar be Zoy Frangos’ debut with The Production Company, it will also be his first lead role.  Frangos has an extensive career in musical theatre, but knew he was ready for something more than ensemble and understudy roles.

“I just finished up with My Fair Lady to take up bigger opportunities,” Frangos explained.

It was a decision that has paid off. Frangos will take to the stage in the role of Judas.

Zoy Frangos TPC

“My first memories of any musical theatre were of Jesus Christ Superstar. When we were kids I didn’t really know about it. I just remembered the John Farnham one and I remember running around the playground singing ‘Jesus Christ, Superstar, speeding around the corner on his Yamaha’. That was such the iconic production of my youth,” commented Frangos, adding that he won’t sing those lyrics in this production!

“John Farnham and Jon Stevens are just insanely good. It’s actually terrifying watching them. I’ve watched them a few times since I got cast – and on the way to the audition – and every time I watch I think I can’t do this. I can’t be Jon Stevens!” exclaimed Frangos.

Frangos need not worry – he knows this production will be different.

“Andrew Lloyd Webber really wants the production to be all about the story and the relationships. It’s a very exciting show to be a part of. And to play Judas – history’s greatest villain, but in a show that treats him with a lot more depth than he’s usually portrayed. Reading the Bible it’s a lot of Judas betrayed Jesus, it’s judgement, so to have a story where you have a villain that has so much depth and so much motivation behind what he is doing, it’s really exciting,’ said Frangos.

Zoy Frangos will join Rob Mills as Jesus, also making his debut with The Production Company, and Alinta Chidzey as Mary Magdalene.

Zoy, Rob and Alinta

Jesus Christ Superstar opens at the Arts Centre, Melbourne on Saturday 29th July and plays until August 13th.

For more information and tickets: http://www.theproductioncompany.com.au/jcss/