Drew Downing says he has always been fascinated by male privilege, especially white male privilege. This was the inspiration for his latest work, Beautiful Things.

The current political climate (and it’s hysterically inappropriate relationship with social media) has really showcased how truly out of touch older white men of privilege can be,” explained Downing.

The social media revolution has also changed the way we allow others to see us; and in turn, how we see ourselves. I think that’s an interesting concept.”

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Part of the inspiration for Downing came from the hit musical Legally Blonde.

The first time I heard the title song from Legally Blonde, it was like a punch in the feelings. Lawrence O’Keefe and Nell Benjamin created a perfect little piece for Elle to reflect on what she was versus how others (predominantly white privileged males) saw her. Such an inspiring little moment!” said Downing.

I have wanted to develop something along the lines of a Zoolander type show which, like Legally Blonde, could celebrate both inner and outer beauty simultaneously.”

Beautiful Things has undergone several workshops, with more rewrites and developments in preparation for the one-hour performance as part of StageArt Xposed.

Drew Downing believes Beautiful Things will appeal to a wide audience.

It has elements which will be lapped up by Gen X, but also moments of tongue-in-cheek humour which I know my parents will like. It will most definitely be enjoyed by anyone with eyes,” commented Downing.

I also love a good musical hook, so I’ve done my best to fill the show with memorable pop melodies.”

Most of all, Downing hopes his audiences will enjoy themselves, “Beautiful Things is about having a good time. It’s important to me that everyone who attends the show has a feel-good experience.”


BEAUTIFUL THINGS: A Really Good Looking Musical
55 minutes (1 act) and is suitable for all ages.

Monday October 16th, 7pm
Monday October 23rd, 7pm

Adults: $35
Concession $30
Tickets On Sale Now Via: www.stageart.com.au or 03 8290 7000