Motor-Mouth Loves Suck-Face started eight years ago when writer Anthony Crowley was the Artistic Director at St Martin’s Youth Theatre.

“I wanted to write them a show, so I just talked to them about what they cared about and spent a lot of time talking with them. Out of that came this show – which is really, strangely enough, a musical comedy about teenage suicide,” explained Crowley.

“When you see it, it’s glaringly obvious and not obvious at all, because you have a bunch of teenagers trying to cope with the end of the world during the zombie apocalypse and there’s a specific way they have to survive the end of the world.”

Crowley explained the show is about about all the serious things kids are facing in life, but rather than write something heavy, he chose to capture the joy in teenagers.

“Teenagers amplify everything. Everything is so intense,” he said.

Crowley started his writing with a monolouge that announces the world is going to cease to exist in just a matter of hours. That monologue now opens the musical that has become Motor-Mouth Loves Suck-Face.

“That monologue then set in chain a whole vision about zombies and parents,” said Crowley.

Crowley chose to include a zombie apocalypse, because he they are a “great encapsulation of horror” but still something you can laugh at.

“Laughter is cathartic,” Crowley commented.

The end result is a fun musical with a rocking score that has appealed to a surprisingly wide range of audiences.

“It’s a much broader audience than expected,” said Crowley, adding that both young and much older audiences have enjoyed the show.

It’s a positive start for Motor-Mouth Loves Suck-Face. The show had an initial workshop season at Federation Uni last year, but this current season at Melbourne’s Chapel Off Chapel gives the zombie apocalypse musical its first real audience.

Crowley admits the cast of fourteen makes it a large show to produce, but would love to take the show overseas.

“Eventually the piece has to be taken to America,” Crowley said.

Anthony Crowley has worked in America before – working on a musical  project for Kristin Chenoweth.

For now, Motor-Mouth Loves Suck Face is rocking in Chapel Off Chapel’s Loft, featuring a fabulous and diverse cast.

“The cast is fantastic. They’ve done a great job. It’s been a good season.”

As Crowley explained, the cast are idiosyncratic people audiences can relate to.

The final performance of Motor-Mouth Loves Suck-Face is on at 4pm at Chapel Off Chapel. Check it out before the world ends.




Shut up and listen. In exactly ten minutes and fifty-three seconds the world is going to end. But that’s not important right now. What’s important is how this all began, because if you can understand that, if by some miracle clarity wedges it’s sweet toe beyond the apathy of boot scooting zombies then maybe, just maybe there’s hope for us all in this knee deep existentialist sludge-pile we so loosely refer to as life. Translation?

Welcome to the party to end all parties on the last night of the world. Armageddon. Zombies and existential teenage passion. Where the only way to escape annihilation is through a cosmic wormhole that leads to another dimension. Then there’s Motor-mouth and Suck-face, two geeks desperate to lose their virginity before the planet implodes. With a pop-rock score featuring songs I’d Rather Be A Zombie’, ‘My Polar Bear’, ‘I Want To Taste Your Fish-paste’, ‘Heart Be A Radio’ and the show-stopping ‘Suck My Armageddon’, this is musical comedy about a planet on the edge complete with a Bollywood diversion. (How else do you distract a mob of mindless zombies right before the world is about to end)?

Join us for a cultish, heart-felt romp – dress up as a zombie or a geek to join in the fun –just don’t forget to pack your laughing gear and prepare to die laughing.

Motor-mouth Loves Suck-face; An Apocalyptic Musical by Ant Crowley – NB: It’s the end of the world – strictly no late-comers!

Proudly supported by the City of Stonnington


6-23 October
Previews: 6-11 October
Time: 7.30pm Tuesday – Saturday
Industry night Monday October 17 (open to public)
2pm Matinee Saturday 22 October
4pm Sunday
Tickets: $45 Full, $35 Concession, $28 Preview Performances & Tuesdays (+transaction fee)

Duration: 130 minutes (Including 20 minute interval)