Scooby Doo, where are you! Why, right here, says US actor Garrett Dill playing Shaggy, the famous snack-eating, scaredy-cat best buddy of Scooby-Doo, in Scooby-Doo Live! Musical Mysteries.

The iconic Hanna-Barbera cartoon Scooby Doo launched in 1969 to the delight of kids and adults everywhere.  Who could go past this comedy horror genre about a group of friends and a Great Dane named Scooby Doo roaming the country side chasing ghosts and solving mysteries.  The franchise eventually passed to Warner Bros. and the show underwent various formats to include movie length cartoons as well as the live action film Scooby Doo ( which was  a box office hit and generated a sequel 2 years after the original) as well as live performances around the globe.

Well, the Mystery Inc. Gang is here in Scooby-Doo Live! Musical Mysteries with an all-acting, all-singing, all-American cast, clever staging and heaps of spooky special effects. Shaggy, Fred, Daphne, Velma and Scooby-Doo are on their way in the Mystery Machine to crack the case of a trouble-making ghost who is haunting a local theatre.

I had the great privilege of speaking with US actor Garrett Dill, who arrived in Melbourne late last week, about all things Norville "Shaggy" Rogers from Coolsville as well as touring in this amazing show which has seen 53 North American cities as well as the Middle East.


I have always enjoyed character work, so I definitely wanted to do the best job I could possibly do to represent Shaggy. It's a real honour, actually. I had to focus on his special traits, like the slouch, the way he walks, always goofing around and generally just getting that whole lanky thing down. Lucky enough for me, I can do the Shaggy voice accurately. it is so much fun… I am even starting to sound like him in real life!

Playing such an iconic role that me along with everyone else I know has grown up with, and even kids today know the characters so well. To be able to represent Shaggy and bring the character to life in the best possible way. Its an honour and I really enjoy it. There has even been a couple of times when both children and adults have exclaimed 'its the real shaggy' and that's a really good feeling.

Pretty much everything is scary for Shaggy – LOL – there was one time I got pretty scarred on stage when one of the ghosts popped up on stage in a position it wasn't usually – this really did frighten me! Lucky Shaggy's reaction in the show is to run away, which is exactly what I did! Scary stuff – but fun scary of course!

I mean, cardio workouts (running away), well balanced meals (constant snacking) and humour (a good laugh) will keep anyone young and fighting fit. I think also the themes of the original Scooby-Doo series from the 60s are still relevant to kids today, such as the value of friendship, teamwork and staying alive, hahah, I mean problem solving 🙂


We've actually been on the road pretty solidly since January.  We did have a couple of weeks off (in-between the American Tour and Middle East) and here we are, still touring! 

As for the reception of the show in other areas: In Abu Dabi – the kids got it, but in Bahrain, they were ready, they really responded, clapping along with every song, from the moment we said 'ghost' they were on-board. they loved it. big crowds, lots of excitement, parents getting into it too. It was a lot of fun.

The most memorable experience is probably also our favourite – we were in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania – and during the pre-show meet-and-greet everyone was coming up to us, and this little boy came up in an Ascot (just like Fred wears), a Scooby tail and a Shaggy shirt – he had it all going on –  he comes up and hands Scooby a box of gummy Scooby snacks and shows me this flashlight. I said, 'that's really cool we use flashlights too' and he hands it over and says, 'this is for you' and written on it says 'to the gang, love Enzo'. He was so small and it was so cute. Hs dad comes up after the meet-and-greet and shakes our hands, saying 'You guys mean so much to him. You helped him get through chemo.' and of course we both, the actor playing Daphne and I, welled up with tears. It was very touching. We even used the flashlight and snacks in the very next show, as a tribute to Enzo.

Touring with this show has really lifted my game vocally, with the constant singing and rehearsals, so its will be exciting to see where that takes me next. We've just found out that  Scooby-Doo Live! Musical Mysteries is returning to tour North America for a second time in 2014 so that will keep me pretty busy, for now. Can't wait!!

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