When Sarah Wynen was single, she couldn’t cope with the loneliness, so she challenged herself to go on a date every single day until she found the one. Spoiler alert: she didn’t. Instead, she discovered that everyone was just as wacky as she was, with their own stories to tell, and their own reasons for struggling to (or not wanting to) find love. Overflowing with enough inspiration to last a lifetime, Wynen began writing songs. The end result? A one act musical song cycle full of pizzaz and catchy tunes ready to debut at newly launched arts venue, The Motley Bauhaus in Carlton. You’re a Catch! Why are you Single? showcases the hurt, joy and frustration that is different for every person looking for love. This will be Wynen’s first full musical to be produced, after receiving smaller workshop opportunities for her musicals in 2018 and 2019. It will also be her directorial debut alongside collaborator Simon McWilliam, esteemed dancer, choreographer and film artist. Together, they are bringing magic to the stage for an hour of belly laughs, quirky characters and songs that won’t leave your head for days.

You’re a Catch! Why are you Single? is a song cycle, which means it’s a collection of songs and monologues that all follow the same theme: loneliness and looking for love. Rather than having a continuous plot, this musical is a series of mini stories – think Love Actually, or Sondheim’s Company. Wynen hopes that this experimental form will help people connect with the big ideas and start having thoughts and discussions that go against the current norm. “The pandemic has been hard. But what about all those people who were lonely before covid and who’ll be lonely after? This show is for them. I want people to know it’s okay to go to a wedding or reunion or Christmas dinner without a plus-one. I wish I had known that sooner”, she urges. “Make no mistake, this show is about sex, heartache, grief, lust… lots of these big ideas that people don’t seem to want to dwell on. But we should! We should talk about it. Especially at a time like this.”

An excerpt from the show was recently selected and performed as part of Titchfield Festival Theatre’s New Song Writers Concert in Hampshire, United Kingdom. You can read more about Sarah Wynen at sarahwynen.com.

January 31 – February 6