If you are a promoter, ticket-seller, or company manager who’s looking to improve your capability to sell more tickets, particularly while touring, here are a few tips on how you can sell tickets on the move, ensuring that your company plays to packed-out venues week in and week out.

Think Ahead

The best global ticket-selling organisations know to think ahead in terms of how they might be able to generate pre-sales. They know the entirety of a tour, and they know which magazines, newspapers, radio and billboards to advertise on, as well as a plethora of digital websites and social media. They may partner with local promoters or media agencies and often get involved on a grass roots level with group bookers.  The further ahead you plan, the better the media space you can buy.

Get The Word Out

One of the easiest ways to build excitement for the show you’re selling for is to create an appealing Facebook event and share it extensively, wherever you might feel potential audiences may exist. With a wealth of targeting tools on Facebook in particular, including geographic targeting, you can segment the desired audience with incredible accuracy and promote your event relatively cheaply. Make sure you always link your event to a site where those interested theatre goers can buy their tickets and make the path-to-purchase easy. Too many clicks can potentially scare customers away, particularly those who aren’t used to purchasing products digitally. Test the ticket-selling platform daily to ensure it’s all working efficiently and track where your responses are coming from.  Local radio is also effective, just make sure you ask about their reach and daily listening audiences.  You will need to target stations that fall within your desired demographic.

Make Friends With The Locals

When touring, you should make networking a high priority. If you’re unknown in a particular town and your group doesn’t have an existing network to help them promote, it’s up to you to find those people that’ll help you shift tickets. These will have strong local networks, such as music venue owners and coffee shop proprietors, or anywhere where you might be able to tap into the cultural vein of the place you’re visiting and place a poster or stack of flyers. Once you’ve built up your contact book, they’ll be there the next time you roll into town looking to sell tickets to the locals. For the sake of a couple of free tickets for the owner, it’s worth it.

Showcase Your Product And Be Ready

You may wish to get involved in a local promotion, flash mob or performance at a local festival.  Undertaking these “guerrilla marketing activities” can be an effective way for the potential audience to meet the cast and perhaps see some of them in action.  Make sure that there are verifiable tickets and a cash-management system on hand. Think about getting yourself point of sale software that’ll allow you to take payments on the move from various methods, from contactless to PayPal. This will allow people to purchase right then and there and you’ll secure a sale, rather than hoping they remember to look you up when they get home.

Selling tickets is difficult, even for established theatre companies, but if you invest in the right marketing, advertising and technology to get our message out and make the ticket purchasing journey easy, then your return on investment will increase dramatically.