You are Not Alone, an upcoming benefit concert and gala, is raising funds for a cause very close to the heart of entertainer and organizer, Britni Leslie. After twice suffering the loss of a child through miscarriage, she became aware of the silence and stigma that surrounded infant death. This isolation was further compounded by feelings of shame, guilt and inadequacy. Nonetheless, she and her husband Phillip made the courageous decision to speak out about their pain, and create opportunities for conversation, sharing, and support. Their openness gave many other women the courage to tell their own stories.

“Being open hopefully has inspired some people to not be – if it happens to them – so scared of it, or to feel like they’re alone.”

Through their journey, Britni and her husband had connected with a group called Sands, who not only care for families who have experienced miscarriage, but also stillbirth and neonatal death. Sands became instrumental in helping the couple work through their pain and loss. And so, in an effort to raise awareness, she called on her showbiz connections to help her give something back. The response was overwhelmingly positive.

“I thought, what can I do for them that involves what I love to do?”

Rehearsals are now well underway for You are Not Alone, to be held on July 26th this year. The premise of the show, fittingly, is that no singer will stand on the stage alone. With 18 performers supported by a four-piece band, and led by Ryan Jacobs, the two-act show promises many highlights. There will be musical theatre favorites such as Jersey Boys, Dear Evan Hansen and Wicked, with Disney princesses, and (just announced) a taste of Logie-winning comedy. Drinks, canapés and door prizes are also included in the ticket price. Despite the serious subject matter, You are Not Alone is shaping up to be a light, fancy, and fun event.

All funds raised will be donated to SANDS, an organization who “provides support, information and education to anyone affected by the death of a baby before, during or shortly after birth.”

Organizer: Britni Leslie
Date: 26th July
Time: 7pm arrival
Tickets: $75 Drinks and Canapes included