To celebrate World Voice Day 2016, The Australian Dysphonia Network presents two major concerts. Voices in the Valley which will be held on Friday, 15 April in the Evan Theatre Penrith Panthers and Sing-it-Sydney which will be held on Sunday, 17 April 2016 at Paddington Town Hall.

Proceeds from all ticket sales go towards The Australian Dysphonia Network – a not for profit organisation who aim is to provide a source of information, support and advocacy for people who live with life changing voice disorders (known as dysphonia) as well as to raise funds and identify opportunities for local research into causes and management.

Voices in the Valley will be held at the Penrith Panthers and will feature Paula Duncan, Darren Carr, Monique Montez, Adam Scicluna, Marcus Rivera, Mark Kristian, Judith Rough, Milko Focault-Larche, Sheridan Gaudry, Riverland Harmony Chorus, Mens Harmony Choir, Blue Mountains Musical Society, KeySign Choir, ISM Show Choir and more.

Sing-it-Sydney will be at the Paddington Town Hall from 4pm and will feature Melinda Schneider, Paula Duncan, Sydney Street Choir, Darren Carr, Monique Montez, Adam Scicluna, Keith Scott, Mary Schneider, Mark Kristian, Judith Rough, Milko Focault-Larche, Sheridan Gaudry, Mens Harmony Choir, KeySign Choir, ISM Show Choir and more.

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“In keeping with 2016’s theme ‘Explore your voice…Imagine where it will take you’ we are excited to announce the support of two brilliant Australian celebrities whose voices have taken them to some amazing places,” said Louise Maher-Bale president of The Australian Dysphonia Network.   “We are incredibly honoured to have the support of Australian country music sensation Melinda Schneider, working alongside Aussie Actress, household name and tireless advocate, Paula Duncan who will both act as Ambassadors for 2016.

Originating in Brazil back in 1999, World Voice Day aims to draw attention to the role that the voice plays in every aspect of our lives. It is an opportunity to consider its importance, and to celebrate its uniqueness and beauty. Over recent years, World Voice Day has gained momentum across the globe, and currently over 50 countries are joining the annual celebration.

Voices in the Valley

Penrith Panthers – Evan Theatre
123 Mulgoa Rd, Penrith
Date and Time: Friday, 15 April at 7pm
Tickets: $6.60 Including Booking fee



Paddington Town Hall
249 Oxford St, Paddington
Date and Time: Sunday, 17 April at 4pm
Tickets: $6.60 Including Booking fee