Simon Taylor has been announced as the winner of the prestigious annual ‘Under Our Wing Award’, one of Australia’s top award given to emerging performers.

Simon is a Melbourne-bred stand-up comic. He graduated in psychology at The University of Melbourne and went on to become a full time entertainer. His skill as a comedian allows him to present engaging shows about better understanding people.

He says “The Butterfly Club is the most nurturing venue I’ve been involved with. The award, for me, validates all the work and compromise that comes with a vocation in entertainment. It’s almost a way for them to say ‘don’t worry, we don’t think you’ll be a poor starving artist forever’. So that’s nice.”

What media have to say about Simon:
“Humorous, edifying, literally amazing. 5 stars” – ArtsHub
“Warm, funny, clever and engaging. Don't miss him” – Herald Sun
“Intelligent stuff from a rising talent” – The Age
“The most amazing thing I have ever seen in my life!” – Ric Ditchburn, Magic 1278
“A refreshing alternative in the entertainment scene” – The Vine
“Inimitable, talented and rather dashing” – Beat Magazine

Simon Taylor can next be seen at Adelaide Fringe (2 to 11 March) and the Melbourne International Comedy Festival (28 March to 22 April). His show, “10 Things I Know About You” is about morality, happiness, language and love.

The Butterfly Club’s Simone Pulga said “the Under Our Wing Award is given by the venue to an outstanding performer who deserves much more recognition than they are currently receiving. It puts the spotlight on ‘the next big thing’.”

Simon joins luminaries Tim Minchin (2003), Daniel Maloney (2004), Reuben Krum (2005), Sammy J (2006), Karin Muiznieks (2007), Joanne O’Callaghan and James Simpson (2008), Tom Dickins (2009) and Emma Dean (2010).

The inaugural recipient of this award was Tim Minchin at a time when he was an unknown. Today, he regularly sells out in large venues across the UK, USA and Australia. The Butterfly Club was the first producer to recognise and tour Tim’s extraordinary talents and nurtured him for two years as a regular performer including his first show in the Melbourne International Comedy Festival before his rise to international acclaim.

Sammy J can now be seen on prime time television, Tom Dickins is one half of the Jane Austen Argument which will support the Dresden Dolls on their national tour in January, and Emma Dean has been honoured by the New York Post as one of the top 10 performers internationally to watch this year.