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 Who is F*ckboys the Musical written and directed by?

F*ckboys the Musical –  a comedy/drama show written by women – for women – or men who aren’t f*ckboys… a pointed view on modern dating.

In this hilarious, one-act, original musical and dramatic comedy, four women will teach you the skills you need to take down the most dangerous predators plaguing the modern dating scene: the F*ckboy.

Karaoke Night every Wednesday with your best friends in the world. What could possibly mess that up? You guessed it: F*ckboys. An epidemic that is truly sweeping the globe, F**kboys are “literal garbage who must be stopped.”

Written and directed by Savannah Cassidy Pedersen, F*ckboys the Musical takes a pointed look at how today’s  social atmosphere has always been driven by the ever present douche of a human being: the F*ckboy.

sept 18 – 23

VENUE: Fringe Hub @ Lithuanian Club, 44 Errol St., North Melbourne

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