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Who is the director of The Book of Revelations?


A startling world full of wonder, terror and joy The Book of Revelations invites you into a startling space where everyday reality dissolves. Writer Alison Richards, Black Hole Theatre Director Nancy Black and world renowned designer Dagmara Gieysztor, deliver a new approach to immersive performance which delves into the fascinating world of dementia. Part contemporary opera, part art installation, an event where cutting edge technology meets visual theatre, The Book of Revelations premiers from 19 – 30 July, 2017 at fortyfivedownstairs.

Ada’s world, the one you now inhabit, has become quite strange. Familiar objects shift, time bends and angels sing. You pick your way amidst wonder, terror and joy, sharing one woman’s experience of dementia from the inside out. This is a journey with no beginning, moving towards an unseen end, oddly familiar with surprises along the way. Wearing individual headphones and moving freely around the space, each audience member will weave a unique experience and emerge with a greater sense and understanding of what it is to live with this very human condition.

Black Hole Theatre is known for creating original, exciting cross-disciplinary performances around often dark and challenging subjects.

July 19 – 30

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