We have  two double passes for the 7:30pm show on Thursday the 10th of October for THE NOAHS by Rollercoaster Theatre.

To win simply email: [email protected] with 'The Noahs' in the subject line.

The Noahs
Directed by Jess Huon and Sarah Sutherland

Searing with menace and grace, The Noahs follows the journey of those hurled outside the norm who grapple to find solid ground beneath their feet. Raw and rich, this insightful new work clocks the brutal human tendency to objectify the other in order to keep ones' own head above the ever-rising water.

Rollercoaster Theatre formed in 2006, when graduates of the Ignition Theatre training course – the only accredited theatre-making course for people with intellectual disabilities in Australia – discovered limited opportunities for people with disabilities. This ensemble is a vibrant, bold new generation of performers with disabilities, who are passionate about theatre making.

Directed by: Sarah Sutherland and Jess Huon
Assistant Director:  Carolyn Bock
Set/Costume Design: Zoe Arnott
Lighting Design: Richard Vabre
Sound Design: Chris Wenn 
Video Design: Michael Carmody
Production Manager: Rachel Edward
Stage Manager: Katie Lockett
Performed by: Jess Huon, Carolyn Bock, David Baker, Michael Buxton, Elisheva Jones-Resnik, Shea MacDonough, Ryan New, Erin Pocervina, Andrew Tresidder, Melissa Slaviero and Cameron Stanley.

Venue: St Martins Youth Arts Centre: St Martins Lane, Sth Yarra