In Cinemas from May 16, 2013

A love story told in two very unique parts, TABU is, quite simply, a film unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Deftly moving between contemporary Portugal, colonial Africa and the landscape of dreams, director Miguel Gomes conjures an enthralling story of obsession, memory and dangerous forbidden romance.

Playfully interpreting and rearranging history, Gomes’ film is somehow both technically and narratively subversive and yet inescapably romantic, in no small way thanks to the sensuous black and white cinematography and incredible score and sound design. Where part one portrays a society wallowing in nostalgia, the second propels a dramatic shift in tone and emotional power, delivering everything the characters – and we – may dream of, and live for.

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TABU will screen in Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra and Brisbane and ahead of is May 16 release it will preview in each state as follows:

Melbourne – special preview screening 6.45pm Thursday May 2 at Cinema Nova in Carlton
Sydney – general advance screenings May 10-12
Canberra – general advance screenings May 10-12
Brisbane – general advance screenings May 10-12

We have the following double passes to give away to some lucky winners;

Melbourne = 10 double passes to giveaway.
Sydney = 8 double passes to giveaway.
Canberra = 6 double passes to giveaway.
Brisbane = 6 double passes to giveaway.

To enter just email: TABU  to [email protected] and include the city you want tickets for and what date you’d prefer.