We have  two double passes for the 7.00PM show on Thursday 23 October for Life & Times episode 2  by Nature Theater of Oklahoma (USA)

To win simply email: [email protected] with 'Times' in the subject line.

Each of the four ‘episodes’ of Life and Times stands alone, a discrete marvel of theatrical ingenuity and invention to be enjoyed in isolation. Viewed together, they form an ambitious, spellbinding journey through a life-so-far.

Where Episode 1 starts with birth and continues to age 8, in performance that fuses communist musical and “mass games” rhythmic gymnastic spectacle, Episode 2 picks up the tale from age 8 to 14: the adolescent years, this time turning upon the concept of chorus and chorus line: both fitting in and sticking out of the social group. Episodes 3 and 4 encompass the high school years (age 14-18) of young adulthood and its consequent desire for freedom and independence from the seeming prison of home and family life. Experimentation, rebellion, and drug use collide with religion and metaphysics – we encounter both first love and first cigarettes.