Die Nasty AU presents Spanish Heart of Fire

45 Actors performing 52 non-stop hours of improvised theatre!

From 30 November – 2 December, 2012 the Edmonton Comedy institution DIE NASTY SOAP-A-THON hits Australian soil for the second time ever!  Unfolding at the Broken Mirror Studios in Brunswick and running non-stop for 52 hours this fully improvised soap opera was a major hit with Australian audiences in 2011 and will be as much a spectacle, as it is an endurance test!

The DIE NASTY SOAP-A-THON is a live improvised soap opera whose format features a continuing storyline, live music and recurring characters. A Director sets up scenes for the audience and performers throughout the 52 hours to keep the arc of the show progressing.  Each DIE NASTY SOAP-A-THON season is featured around a theme, in which the characters and story lines are based.

THE STORY: Spanish Heart of Fire
In 2012 we weave a sensuous tale filled with religious fervour, family duty, revolution, burgeoning passions… and flamenco dancing. Set in 19th century Spain, the poor are no longer content as they witness the luxury of the Ancient Regime, and hear about the questionable bedroom behaviour of Queen Isabella II. There is an unrest hiding in the hills, and a fire burning in the hearts of the common people. 52 hours of Sexy Señoritas, hot los hombres, wayward Royalty, brave Bandoleros and gazpacho. OLE!

Playing non-stop from: 6pm Friday 30 November to 10pm Sunday 2 December
Tickets: $50 Full Weekend, $15 Regular, $5 Insomniacs
Bookings: www.soapathon.com.au
Broken Mirror Studios, 2c Staley St Brunswick


To win 1 of 2 double passes to see the show just email: