We are excited to announce the cast of our May 2014 production of ‘GYPSY – The Musical‘, running from the 2nd to 17th May.

Rose –  Abi Richardson
Herbie –  Lee Threadgold
Louise –  Sarah Kate Hanley
June –  Lauren McCormack
Tulsa –  Robbie Smith
Mazeppa –  Sallyanne Mitchell
Tessie Tura –  Barbara Hughes
Electra/ Miss Cratchitt –  Beryle Frees
Baby June    –   Trinity Pickburn
                        –  Madeleine Checketts
Baby Louise –  Mia Decleva
                        –  Maxine Palmerson
Pop –  Robert Harsley
Uncle Jocko / Kringelein –  Andrew Roberts
Chowsie –  Sprout McKong

Male Ensemble
L.A –  Lachlan Hamill
Angie –  James Davies
Yonkers –  Adam Nunn

Female Ensemble
Agnes –  Ingrid Gray
Geraldine –  Isabella Cavedon
Edna –  Brooke Kotsos
Marjorie May –  Ali Hickerson

Junior Boy Ensemble
Oliver Palamara
Ashton Roberts
Jayden Watson
Keelan Roberts