Melbourne’s new Industry night has become as cast reunion for many from Australia’s touring productions of “Wicked”. TheatrePeople Sings: Industry Night (Monday, June 27th) will feature our original Elphaba, Amanda Harrison, Gretel Scarlett (Witches Mother, Ensemble), John O’Hara (Witches Father, Ensemble) and Eddie Grey (Boq)

Eddie Grey (pictured) has had a productive year including his work as the associate director on Heathers, assisting Tony nominated Christopher Renshaw on a workshop for a new musical during a three month scholarship in NYC, performed in “CrossRoads” a new Australian Musical and currently featuring in Matthew Lee Robinsons song cycle “Sing On Through Tomorrow”.


Wicked - Eddie Grey


“I’m singing “Top of the World” from “Tuck Everlasting”. Look – it was a short-lived show unfortunately, but has beautiful music and lyrics!” Grey is excited to perform next Monday to hear many of his friends on stage. “I always love seeing them LIVING up on stage. It’s our happy place. Unless it’s not going well, then it’s hard to imagine a worse place to be…”

Joining Grey is Wicked dressing room buddy John O’Hara who has recently performed in “Songs For a New World” (Chapel Off Chapel) and soon to be sharing the role of Rodney with Todd McKenney in The Production Companies “Dusty”. “Eddie and I shared a dressing room for much of the Wicked tour so we have many wonderful, silly and delirious memories. We used to gossip, drink tea and giggle about everything.” John says. “Between shows on a matinee day we all used to go eat and then pile into our room on the fold out couch for naps before the night show.” John will be performing “King of the World” reprising his role from “Songs From a New World”.

John O'Hara


Audiences will be entertained by some of Australia’s established musical theatre performers including Daniel Assetta (Cats), Jensen Overend (Fiddler), Josh Robson (Les Mis), Chelsea Gibb (Chicago) and supported by our industry’s rising talent. Why should people come to this Industry night? Because we can all Music Theatre nerd it up together! No need to pretend you don’t love musicals anymore! (Eddie Grey). O’Hara adds, “The line up is crazy good. I’m fan girling at the cast.”

Tickets are selling fast for this one night event. Make sure to book online and reserve seating for this incredible industry event!

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JUNE 27th – Doors at 7:30pm

La Di Da, 577 Little Bourke Street, Melb CBD.