Speaking to Jaclyn De Vincentis on the phone, I asked her why her show was called Jaclyn Nose Best and what was the source of inspiration for the title? With a big laugh, De Vincentis explains that if I was to see her side-on profile I wouldn’t be asking that question! De Vincentis has been blessed with big nose genes and this title for her latest cabaret show is one she’s had in mind for some time.

It’s one thing to know you have a big nose, but it’s another to actually highlight this prominent feature as part of the title of your show. I asked De Vincentis at what age does it become cool to have a big nose? She explains – it doesn’t … but she figures it’s better to point out the obvious and make a joke about it first, before people have the opportunity to laugh at her behind her back. Jaclyn Nose Best, however, is not a cabaret show about her nose, or noses in general; it’s a show about life, everyday struggles and what she has learnt – what she “nose” best. (Audiences are, however, welcome to keep a nose pun tally through the show.)

De Vincentis has reached a stage in her life where she’s realised she looks different to the other girls in a casting call and that’s okay. Getting work in the theatre industry is not simply about talent – it’s also about your look. De Vincentis has come to realise that looking different isn’t necessarily the worst thing in the world.

With this new found, wise outlook on life, De Vincentis shares more of the pearls of wisdom she “nose best”. Important truths such as what should and should not be posted on social media. What is actually not okay to share on Facebook? She also has some very helpful relationship advice to offer, because after being in only one long-term relationship she’s only had a single break up. It’s an impressive record.

As a 26 year old comfortably living at home with her parents, De Vincentis also shares her wisdom on “how to really cement that place in your parents heart”. It’s a theme that will resonate with all other young adults still living at home with their parents … and with the parents who are wondering if their kids will ever leave the nest.

Living at home with your family does have some disadvantages, though. De Vincentis admits that any time she and her brother share a laugh her mother will immediately pop into the room and ask “is that going in the show?” De Vincentis explains her mum is a really good sport about it all, but is also a little paranoid about what stories will end up in the show. De Vincentis says having her family in the audience means she has some friendly faces to look out to … until the next day, when the “clarification” process begins. And then a month later when her family are still correcting her …

Jaclyn Nose Best however and if this latest cabaret show does upset her family De Vincentis knows she can always finally move out of home. It’s a win-win really.


Jaclyn Nose Best is playing for two nights only at The Loft at Chapel Off Chapel.

Friday 1st and Saturday 2nd May at 8.30pm