We are excited to announce an outstanding cast for our June 2018 production of SINGIN’ IN THE RAIN:


Don Lockwood – Robbie Wilton

Kathy Selden – Abbey Hansson

Cosmo Brown – Jeremy Russo

Lina Lamont – Emily Mignot

R.F. Simpson – Tim Murphy

Dora Bailey / Miss Dinsmore – Ashleigh Psaila

Roscoe Dexter – David Miller

Young Don – Lachlan Sonnemann

Young Cosmo – Joshua Simos-Garner

Production Tenor – Shane Pritchard

Rachel Beard

Stephanie Clare-Cover

Keshia Contini

Laura De Iongh

Beth Hanlon

Emily Kay

Chiew-Jin Khut

Matilda Lamb

Eliza Mignot

Molly Pethick

Hayley Wootten

Chase Young


Lachlan Alexander

Luke Bortignon

Mark Cluning

Bryce Dunn

Lachie Edis

Simon Evans

James Kaiser

Liam McWhinney

Nic Russ

Josh Trippett