Whoop-Dee-Doo: Another Late Night Revue review by Shannessy Danswan

****.5 stars

Whoop-Dee-Doo: Another Late Night Revue is an evening of endless entertainment, charisma and creativity, filled with a vast variety of intricate and provocative burlesque acts that thrive under their beautifully boisterous host, Miss Jane Doe. At first I found myself utterly shocked at the perverse candour of the ever-so-brash host. Did she really just refer to her clitoris as been ‘rubbed so hard that it turned into a sultana’?

Fuck yes she did.

Introducing each guest with vigour and sass, Jane somehow had a knack of allowing her audience to feel both uncomfortable and comfortable at the same time. With schoolboy humour as the focal aspect of her charm; Jane is a dream to watch in her refreshingly relatable and casual hosting style.

Producer (Maple Rose) has effortlessly pieced together multiple nights of incredibly talented and versatile performers; a degustation of sex, charm, and wit…

Our entrée for the evening was served in dashing red velvet; an extraordinary appetiser for the most deserving audience members. With the seductive essence of courtesan ‘Satine’ from Moulin Rouge mixed with the fierceness of a prowling lioness, Evana De Lune commanded the stage in her ‘matador’ number, reminding everyone of where their genitals were (in case they forgot).

Pocket rocket Petra Fire quickly followed, engaging the audience with her sheer excitement and bounteous joy. Pretty as a picture and daring to explore the sexy that lies within a woman having a bloody bangin’ time, Petra Fire embraced both her 1930’s brassy burlesque style and her 2000’s hip-hop bump and grind – her dance ability and flashy gold tracksuit aptly reflecting this.

For the main course, Whoop-Dee-Doo served a more exotic dish.  A dazed and confused, but ever-so-humorous and sexual Mr. Frenchie, who stripped down to cartoon-themed knickers with the utmost confidence. This strong Boylesque performer knows how to make an audience simultaneously gasp and moan, whilst playing into the power of sex and comedy combined.

My favourite performer of the night, in her Burlesque debut, was the effervescent and theatrical Azcadelia Le Rouge. Her extravagant miming to Kate Miller Heidke’s ‘Dreams/I Love You’ had me both in stitches and in awe of her charismatic stage presence. With a simple strip of a seductively tight and tailored pantsuit, and with a focus on characterisation, this beauty proved the power of innovative thinking and creative storytelling.

Taking quite the emotional turn, dessert presented us with an act that felt rather bittersweet. With our stage kitten (Jessica Wonderland) and dutiful host at the ready, Archie Arsenic’s large black angel wings soared her through an Evanescence song in the most heart wrenching and soul-driven number I have seen a burlesque performer exhibit. Through pain-filled eyes coated with vampiric contact lenses and drag-esque makeup, Archie’s deep connection to this act was evident as they passionately performed this song as if it were their own.

With a big thanks to curator, Maple Rose, this platform for new and existing burlesque performers has been established. Whilst a portable LED lighting rig with little to offer in the way of dynamics, and a small stage at Campari House was a simple set up, this didn’t reduce the performers to playing small.

Badass music, costume, and makeup choices allowed each performer to uniquely stand out as proud independent creatives.

If you’re up for a slightly rowdy night and an authentic glimpse into the broad world of Burlesque, Whoop-Dee-Doo is your go-to revue.