White Hat Hackers finds a technological level between the creation of machines and human evolution. Ella Filar’s lyrical mastermind and Krows Bar Kabaret productions hack into your human conscience at La Mama Courthouse Theatre.

Writer, composer and Alto Ella Filar, sings and conducts a magnificent ensemble of musicians’ and cast from behind her keyboard and asks you to switch off your devices and ‘hive minds’ or suffer the same fate as any other social media or Internet junkie.

Greg Fryer is engulfed by the Internet hellfire and strapped into his technology by cables, keyboards, motherboards and shuffles aimlessly about the Internet inferno trying to escape his social media addiction. He bangs away furiously at the keyboard to complete the 12 Steps Recovery Program and claw his way from the depths of cyber prison back to humanity.

The junkie begins his journey into the light with the superb vocal range and unseen voice of the Internet Angel (falsetto – Hemi Titokuwaru). The Angel’s vocals echo high above in the exposed beams of the Courthouse Theatre. The junkie’s plight is narrated by humanities ‘voice and soul’, which is being subdued by technological devices and interspersed with humorous and topical graphic projections from Olivia Laskowski and John Vivian Jenkin. This brilliant script of songs is punctuated with mindful projections and emoji replacements that mimic the likes of stone-faced celebrities such as Victoria Beckham.

The Recovery Program is hacked by the four White Hat Hackers and the half-robot junkie’s body is electronically attacked at every turn and click of his keyboard. The Sopranos’ Linda Cookson and Joanna Millet and Baritones, Chris Molyneux and Martin Zakharov, lead the junkie ‘one step forward and 12 steps back’ in the ‘Steps Recovery Tango’.

Filar orchestrates an ‘organic cohesion between man, woman and machine.’ The cast fully commits to Filar’s fourteen intricate and forthright songs and effective choreography. The four Hackers surround the junkie and perform lurid, cheeky songs and dance moves to outwit him. They encourage his addiction then ‘zap’ him with electromagnetic frequencies from their mobile phones. Each zap renders him more inhuman and mechanical. The junkie ultimately denies his addiction, sidesteps the Recovery Program and returns to indulge in Facebook and Grindr.

Filar’s clever lyrics broach every current incarceration of technological addiction, including news media. ‘Hello Vlad’ is a candid exploit of proposed media solutions to political injustices.  The tight interlocked musical trio, Ella Filar on keyboards, Helen Bower on violin and David Laity on saxophone and clarinet, compliment the subliminal White Hat Hackers as they continue to cyber attack the junkie with ‘tweets’ on Twitter and ‘Insta burns’ on Instagram. He falls deeper into cyber land in ‘La La La Land’.

Filar has utilised the incredible harmonious voices of the White Hat Hackers and their unique human identities. Krows Bar Kaberat production celebrates diversity with a refreshing cast from differing genders, ages and ethnicities. Arrive early to receives your ‘Song Book’ and peruse Filar’s delightfully wicked and honest lyrics.

Krows Bar Kabaret company ask human beings to lift their eyes away from small screens and lower extended arms holding selfie sticks. Avoid the White Hat Hackers, take 12 steps back from the ever-increasing new religion of technology and liberate human souls trapped in machines.