One lady, one stage, and one hysterical story.

On Wednesday November 25th, the musical theatre talent that is Anne Gasko hit the stage in her first solo cabaret, When I Grow Up, at The Butterfly Club in the Melbourne CBD.

Opening with a five night season, When I Grow Up is a light hearted, fun, original cabaret about the confusing, hard, joyous process of learning how to become an adult. In this comedic performance, Gasko tackles those coming of age issues that at the time seem more important than others, such as; finances and bank cheques, studying and partying, jobs compared to careers, dreams of Disney love, embracing ones sexuality, and overall self realisation.

Throughout the 45 minute performance Gasko recounts poignant and hysterical anecdotes from her life through the art of scripted comedy, improv., and storytelling mixed with song studded performances. Opening with the musical Matilda’s “When I Grow Up”, the star of the show reminds us all what wild imaginations we had as children. She continues to vocally please with renditions of “Hold My Hand”, “In My Own Little Corner”, “Chandelier” to name a few. The winning performance though was her rendition of Jessie J’s “Big White Room” which was her emotional tribute to self realisation whilst crossing that bridge to self acceptance.

Stage management, lighting and sound (Daikota Gerrett), and direction were all on point, stylish, simplistic, and effective for the type of cabaret it is. Gasko makes no grand entrance – just a simple stool, on a simple stage, with a simple mic – and we the audience are already feeling comfortable and relaxed in her chosen environment.
In a stunning polka dot costume dress, Gasko is accompanied by the fabulous pianist Kyria Webster who compliments her 1940’s big band style vocal range.

Why this woman hasn’t been snatched up by the Melbourne theatre scene is beyond me. A natural born talent, Gasko commits herself to the audience, the stage, and her show, resulting in a true and honest performer and performance.

It is clear that this 29 year old artist is her own driving force with head to toe passion and creativity. Age is not her enemy, but her friend, and I don’t doubt we haven’t seen the last of her.