Who doesn’t love a good Murder?! Lets face it, we tune in to newscasts about gruesome discoveries, not ‘little fluffy dog’ stories. Sure, everyone loves the classic musicals with their feel-good songs and bright aesthetics, while the contemporary musicals pull us in with risqué jokes, political commentary and pop/rock melodies but admit it… the darker side within us craves a little crime, a dramatic tune and some gothic-inspired romanticism…

Don’t believe me? Let’s examine some of the evidence:

Robert Louis Stephenson

With Treasure Island under his belt, he had achieved fame and fortune by writing for children and it might have been easy for him to stick with the swashbuckling adventures and tropical beaches that made him a household name but he longed to delve into the darker world of horror and psychological thrillers. He satisfied this urge by penning Strange Case of Dr Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, an examination of the rare mental condition often spuriously called ‘split personality’, wherein, within the same person, there are at least two distinct personalities. In this case, the two personalities are apparently good and evil with completely opposite levels of morality.

David ‘The Hoff’ Hasselhoff

Sure, it probably would have been easy to keep making squillions by running in red swimming trunks along a beach in slow motion to rescue busty babes on the beaches of LA, or by driving ‘KITT’ the fastest, and smartest Pontiac Trans-Am ever to hit the streets. Alternatively, he could have just kept on catering to his millions of German fans by writing, singing and producing more number one hits but instead, he longed to sink his teeth into something deeper and darker so he donned the greasepaint and made his Broadway debut in 2000 as Jekyll and Hyde in the musical of the same name.

Leongatha Lyric Theatre Inc.

Established in 1965, the company has fostered a love of theatre throughout Gippsland for the past forty-six years. They have produced excellent shows such as G&S’s Trial by Jury, Fiddler on the Roof and My Fair Lady, as well as various pantomimes, youth theatre and touring productions, and now are an established creative force to be reckoned with. Much like Robert Louis Stephenson and ‘The Hoff’, they are releasing their inner demons with their production of Jekyll & Hyde.

With its sweeping pop-opera melodies, the songs from Jekyll & Hyde tell it all. The show elaborates on a love theme, while highlighting the sinister ramifications of a man attempting to play God. We are taken on a journey by a man who, possessed by a desire to control fate, embarks upon a drug-induced flight into the realm of the inner sanctums within the inherent evil of man.

With a stellar cast, lead by Andrea Carcassi, This production is sure to scratch whatever dark, evil or gothic itch you may need to scratch, so make your way down the Monash and, even if only for a few hours, immerse yourself in a world of horror, romanticism, and bloodlust… So go on… indulge your guilty pleasure.


Leongatha Lyric Theatre presents
Jekyll & Hyde

Friday 15th July – Saturday 30th July
Mesely Hall
Nereena Road, Leongatha
Bookings: 5662 3940