In a Catholic reformatory in 1914, three teenage girls (Anne, Lucy and Theresa) try to fit the Church’s teachings with their own past experiences. They pool their knowledge and innocently experiment with their own bodies in pursuit of bliss, recording the results. When a new girl (Joan) arrives, she brings with her illegal contraband in the form of a pamphlet – ‘What Every Girl Should Know’ by Margaret Sanger a radical birth control advocate. Instead of praying to their patron saints, the girls set up an alternate system of worship within their room and begin to confide their fantasies and desires to Margaret Sanger. Reality and fantasy begin to blur.

The miracles and raptures which follow make them free amongst themselves from the system that claims to protect them. Yet when their buried secrets come out, including trauma and abuse which no religious belief system has prepared them to understand, each one must choose just who to trust and just how much she can bear to know.

Their predicament – struggling to know what and who to trust remains very close to our own.

With a talented cast of diverse female performers directed by Cathy Hunt, best known for Love /Chamberlain, Her Father’s Daughter & Green Room Award winning production of Les Mamelles de Tiresias, come explore enter the world of this brilliant and fascinating groundbreaking play that takes a looks back in order to look forward.

10 – 17 February, 2020