You’ve probably noticed, if you have been paying any attention to what is on your screen right now that you are on a new and totally upgraded website! Welcome to the new Theatre People website! What you are looking at now is the accumulation of over a years worth of designs, redesigns, constructions and more redesigns. We have been working pretty tirelessly especially over the past few months to get this working and we are very proud to unveil the website you see right now.

The internet is a very different place to what it was when Theatre People first launched. With a whole new world of social networking and web applications, there is so much more possible now on the internet now. People are also much more internet savvy, so we need to grow the site with the changing times.

We also are aware that we have a healthy community full of people that have something to say so we have tried to make it as easy as possible for people to comment on shows and articles and share their thoughts. Not only has the TP talk section been updated, but registered members of the website can now post comments on articles and shows and events. Auditions are easier then ever to keep track of with the Audition Calendar, events are much easier to follow, news is easier to catch up on, and information is easier to find.

Registration will require approval so please bare with us as we go through your names as you register. Comments posted by anonymous users will also need to be moderated before they are posted online.

Theatre people is a living website with a very active community, and so we expect many questions and feedback and maybe even a few hiccups, so please bare with us through any of those! You may also see new features added to the site over the next while, as we continue to work to make Theatre People better than it has ever been! We look forward to seeing how you respond to the new website and hope you enjoy looking around!

Here’s a look at where we have been over the last 10 years:

Theatre People 2000

Theatre People 2004


Theatre People 2007