Planning for the national expansion began when I joined Theatre People in January and the fruits of all the extra hours behind the scenes can be seen here today. The entire team is extremely excited to be sharing the TP love to the country after building a successful model here in VIC. And what better way to celebrate than to give the whole site a facelift!


Apart from the obvious changes (of which there are many) here’s a quick tour of what’s new around the site:


  • State selection menu at the top – choose ‘All’ if you want to see everything from around Australia.
  • Latest video content on the right.
  • We now have a search function!
  • The new Stories page has amalgamated Features and News Flashes so you can find our entire regular content in the one place.
  • Reviews have been split into community and professional theatre and now have star ratings. You can check out our top rated shows as well as vote on them yourselves.
  • Social networking has been heavily integrated into the site allowing you to Like, Tweet, +1, and Send content easily to anyone without have to leave the site. You can also keep an eye on out Facebook and Twitter feeds down the bottom.
  • Avatars can now be used in TP Talk so you can really get a feel for whom you’re talking to, and authors’ avatars and bios are now automatically linked to their Features – just click on their name if you want to read more of their stuff.
  • About Us has been updated to reflect our VIC staffing expansion and the new state coordinators.
  • Contact Us now features a Work with Us page where you can let us know if you’re interested in joining the Theatre People team.
  • Right down the bottom you can check out what others have been reading in Today's popular content and also follow Popular Topics on the site.


Sure there’s heaps of other goodies hidden around the place but that should be enough to get you started.


I would like to extend my most sincere thanks and voice my gratitude to Nathan Toovey for our new 'star' logo and to Tim McDonald for the new site design. I don’t want to think about the hours Tim has spent slaving away on the new site but the results speak for themselves – the man is simply amazing. But he’s probably sick of hearing me from me so feel free to leave a comment below telling him how much you love the new site!