*Monday, June 15th- Story Chunder



*Wednesday, June 17th- Big Night In



*Friday, June 19th- Lights up on the Arts



*Friday, June 19th- Reservoir Room- Friday Night Live



*Friday, June 19th – Red Carpet Cabaret




Netflix Opens Purse for Arts Workers

Netflix has announced a million-dollar donation to help Australia’s hard-hit arts and entertainment industry workers as a petition calling on the government to inject cash into the sector begins racking up signatures (see below).

Netflix made the announcement on Thursday, June 11th 2020 in a partnership with the charity Support Act, which helps arts and entertainment industry workers during times of crisis.

The COVID-19 Film and TV Emergency Relief Fund is designed to help workers in the television and film industry after the pandemic closed down productions. Applications for the fund will open at 9:00 AM on Monday, June 15th. For more information about the fund, application process and eligibility criteria, please visit: https://supportact.org.au/apply-covid-19-film-and-tv-emergency-relief-fund.

A full media release can be read at https://supportact.org.au/netflix-and-support-act-covid-19-film-and-tv-emergency-relief-fund/


Petition- Support for Australian Arts and Entertainment Workers

As aforementioned above, a petition to the Parliament of Australia has been started to ask the House to extend the JobKeeper payment to arts and entertainment sector workers who are currently ineligible; and deliver the Arts and Entertainment sector a tailored and properly targeted relief package to ensure its ongoing viability.

The petition was submitted by MEAA President, Chloe Dallimore is open until July, 8th 2020 and can be found at https://www.aph.gov.au/petition_list?id=EN1609

Thank you to everyone who has signed so far!



Stagecenta is a new website dedicated to the delivery of up-to-date, accurate and timely information about theatrical productions across Australia. You are able to register as an individual or theatre/ theatre company.

Rachel Beck has more information:

You won't believe it, but it's true! 🎭Something exciting is on the way, NOT TO BE MISSED by the performing arts community ✨Register your profile now on our website | https://bit.ly/3bPXfu1#StageCentaSpecial thanks to Night Owl Media !

Posted by Stagecenta on Thursday, June 4, 2020


First Look at the Redevelopment of Her Majesty’s Theatre, Adelaide

Exciting news from our friends at Her Majesty’s Theatre in Adelaide. The redevelopment is officially complete. Under the rebuild, its capacity has been boosted to 1467 people, meaning it will be well-placed for national musicals and feature ­performances in the Adelaide ­festivals.

The Maj”, Adelaide’s Her Majesty’s Theatre, has been reborn after a $66m redevelopment that restores one of the last of Australia’s Tivoli theatres

We can’t wait to see the theatre in action !

To keep up to date with what is happening at Adelaide’s The Maj, head to http://www.hermajestystheatre.org.au/



Rehearsals: Who’s Your Baghdaddy or How I Started the Iraq War

Rehearsals are well under way ahead of the five show season of live-streamed musical Who’s Your Baghdaddy or How I Started the Iraq War. With five shows only, between June 24th and June 28th be sure to grab your tickets from https://www.curveballcreative.com.au/


New Show: ONJ: The Cabaret

Join musical theatre star Jaime Hadwen at Claire’s Kitchen on  Wednesday, July 22nd for an intimate evening of songs and stories as she takes on the role she was born to play. ONJ: The Cabaret peers behind the curtain of the extraordinary life of Australian sweetheart Olivia Newton-John. Fresh from the national tour of Muriel’s Wedding the Musical, join Hadwen as she laces her roller skates, brushes off her leather jacket and prepares to get physical with all of your favourite ONJ hits, including ‘I Honestly Love You’, ‘Magic’, ‘Hopelessly Devoted’, ‘Xanadu’ and so many more.

The evening includes a 3 course meal with tickets and further information available at  http://www.claireskitchen.com.au/events-1/claires-pop-up-petit-cabaret-presents-jaime-hadwen



Into the Woods

Australia’s first and only Sondheim repertory company, Watch This will present their postponed production of Into the Woods at Melbourne’s Meat Market- Flat Floor Pavilion from Friday, February 26th to Saturday, March 13th 2021.

In a small village fringed by a vast forest, a collection of familiar fairy-tale characters are wrestling with unknown curses, untold desires and unnamed danger. There’s no avoiding the dark and dissonant wood, into which they all must venture to pursue their dreams and confront their demons. As they bumble forth in blind pursuit of their own ends, their tales entangle and entwine until the consequences of their individualism mount to threaten their very existence.

These fairy- tale characters will be played by Cherine Peck (Witch), James Millar (Baker), Fiona Choi (Baker’s Wife), John O’May (Cinderella’s Father / Mysterious Man), Jackie Rees (Cinderella’s Stepmother / Granny / Giant), Nick Simpson-Deeks (Wolf / Cinderella’s Prince), Anthony Craig (Jack / Steward), Jasmine Vaughns (Cinderella), Lily Baulderstone (Little Red Riding hood), Caitlyn Spears (Rapunzel / Florinda), Raphael Wong (Rapunzel’s Prince / Lucinda) and Angela Lumicisi (Jack’s Mother / Cinderella’s Mother).

Tickets are available at https://www.watchthis.net.au/production.php?Into-the-Woods-2021-9


Lights Up On the Arts: Rhonda Burchmore to replace Caroline O’Connor

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Caroline O’Connor has apologetically had to withdraw from next weeks production of “Lights Up on the Arts: not done yet” Don’t fret however as one of Australia’s leading performers Rhonda Burchmore has stepped up to the plate.

She will be lighting up the studio stage and is performing a mash-up of two classics that will have you singing along in your lounge room!

To watch the event on Friday, June 19th head to https://www.facebook.com/joshuarobsonproductions/



Meyne Wyatt

Australian actor Meyne Wyatt recently presented a monologue on Q & A. In the monologue, from his play City of Gold, Meyne speaks about the issues of race and racism. It is a must watch video.


Delta Goodrem & Gary Barlow

Together with English actor Gary Barlow, Delta Goodrem recently recorded a version of “You’ve Got A Friend”


Claire Lyon

Claire Lyon (Phantom of the Opera) recently performed at the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (MMCA) in Seoul, Korea alongside Phantom of the Opera co-stars. Enjoy these lovely performances.