It’s no secret; promoters shy away from bringing blockbusters to Adelaide until the show is in profit, due to South Australians being notoriously slow at booking in advance. 

Well that truly went out the window when we heard Wicked was coming here. Not at the official launch planned for the next day – but a personal slip of the tongue by Stephen Schwartz himself at his Cabaret Show last year, receiving spontaneous tumultuous applause.

So excited was South Australia to finally get Wicked, they dug deep in the pockets and smashed existing box office records to the tune of $6 million in advance bookings.   

So, promoters please heed John Frost’s sage advice and don’t write off Adelaide. If you build it, we will come.

Wicked has received rave reviews in Adelaide, 5 stars, and glowing reports from all who have seen it.  How could it not?  It’s the theatrical extravaganza we’ve waited nearly 3 years to see.