WATERDALE are pleased to announce their 2016 Pirates of Penzance cast!


Pirate King: Sam Marzden

Frederic: Nathan Wright

Mabel: Sabrina Surace

Major General: Antony Steadman

Ruth: Kirsty Nisbet

The Fabulous Singlettes: Mikaela Abbey, Narada Edgar & Demi Mangione

Sergeant: Jesse O’Donnell

Samuel: Dave Mccarthie

Ensemble: Giles Adams, David Allaoui, Scott Bailey, Chris Black, Stephanie Black, Fiona Boyle, Catherine Brennan, Erin Brennan, Jessica Cannuli, Daniel Cooper, Bonnie Crafter, Emily Garth, Bianca Jones, Megan Metcalfe, Ashlee Schultz, Tess Shacklock, Kim Siemensma, Joseph Simms, Daryl Stevenson, Madeline Stewart, Declan Veale.


Pirates of Penzance will be performed in March 2016. Theatre People wishes the best of luck for the commencement of rehearsals!