Warrnambool’s Holiday Actors are incredibly excited to announce the cast of the Australasian premiere of Big Fish!

Big Fish will be performed at the Lighthouse Theatre Warrnambool in January 2016.

Directed by Tyler Hess, assisted by Greta Punch

Choreographed by Emily Trigg

Vocal Direction by Maja Pearson and Aradie Walters

Musical Direction by Sonia Gellert


Edward Bloom: Ryan Quinn
Sandra Bloom: MaddieJackway
Will Bloom: Toby McKenzie
Young Will Bloom: Alec Watson
Jenny Hill: Rebecca Fullerton
Josephine Bloom: Annabel Ziegeler
Amos Calloway: Wade Fullerton
Karl the Giant: Lyndon Hurley
The Witch: Chloe McInnes
Dr. Bennett: Angela Kenna
Don Price: Tom Kelly
Zacky Price: Will Bonney
Mermaid: Lauren Wrigley
Red Fang Brothers: Lachie Trigg and Tobin Varley
Fisherman: James Hickman
The Mayor: Phoebe Sloane
General Patterson: Luke Perry


Aaron Body
Aislinn Primmer
Alana Johnson
Amelie Gleeson
Ash Rogers-Brigden
Asha Kelly
Alicia Wrigley
Amelie Gleeson
Caitlin Ganner
Caitlin Symons
Chelsea Benter
Courtney Dunn
Daniel Tobin
Dante Zawadski-Colliton
Dayne Eggers
Ellie Johnson
Gabby Good
James Anderson
James Lugton
Jenna McKenzie
Jennifer Rowan
Jess Spencer
Keelan Mast
Luke Bartlett
Madeline Solly
Marti McKenzie
Nicky McKenzie
Robert Doherty
Susan Malikoff
Tiffany Tracey
Tom O’Sullivan
Vanessa Parkinson
Zara Lukeis