Stage Milk


WAAPA Acting Graduates Andrew Hearle and Luke McMahon have taken their training global. Since 2010 they have been working on, a highly successful acting resource website filled with practical advice for actors and acting teachers alike, and have recently added an online drama school.

Originally an Australian theatre review site, StageMilk has evolved to become one of the world’s largest acting websites, seeing over 60,000 website visits per month from all over the globe. StageMilk ranks on the top of Google searches for a range of search terms from ‘female monologues’ to ‘acting games’.

Much of the success of StageMilk relies on the lessons Luke and Andy learned during their time at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA). With a star-studded list of alumni including Hugh Jackman and Jai Courtney, WAAPA has proven to be one of Australia’s leading training institutions and a breeding ground for great talent. “Our time at WAAPA was invaluable,” said Hearle. “The staff were incredible; they taught us so much”.

Andrew Hearle and Luke McMahon of StageMilk (c) Kate Cornish

Andrew Hearle and Luke McMahon of StageMilk (Photo by Kate Cornish)

Hearle and McMahon are working professional actors who are passionate about sharing their insights and empowering young actors. Their recently developed StageMilk Drama School, an eight-week interactive online course with contributions from industry professionals and acting lecturers, aims to prove that ‘anyone can act’ and make quality training accessible to everyone.

“We want to be an antidote to acting ‘guruism’,” says McMahon. “It may sound strange but acting is easy. It’s not magic and there’s no secret to becoming a successful actor. It’s about preparation, experience, perseverance and good luck. Private courses and coaches often shroud their techniques in mystery. They make you feel like they know something you don’t know. Speaking from experience, they don’t. We want to take the industry off its pedestal; sometimes it can make you feel stupid and out of control of your career. We’re trying to stop that.”

StageMilk Drama School is a delightful combination of practical advice, philosophy and irreverence and has attracted actors from all over the world including the USA, Canada, The UK, New Zealand, and Australia.

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