Join Savoy Opera in their rehearsals for 'The Sorcerer' and 'Cox and Box'

Savoy Presesnt a Double Bill with 'Cox and Box' and 'The Sorcerer'

Cox and Box:

Sergeant Bouncer, an old soldier, has a scheme to get double rent from a single room.
By day he lets it to Mr. Box (a printer who is out all night) and by night to Mr. Cox
(a hatter who works all day). Whenever either of them asks any awkward questions he sings at length about his days in the militia.

His plan works well until Mr. Cox is, unexpectedly, given a day's holiday and the two lodgers meet….


Mr Cox – Nicholas Jensen
Mr Box – David Campbell
Bouncer – Jamie Moffat

The Sorcerer

A newly engaged Victorian couple, Alexis and Aline, wants everyone in their small town to have the thrill of falling in love. They hire a modern day wizard , John Wellington Wells, to unleash a love potion at their betrothal reception, wreaking havoc with the unsuspecting guests….


Sir Marmaduke – Jamie Moffat
Lady Sangazure – Lydia Klimek
Dr Daly – Michael Try
Mrs Partlett – Myfanwy Coghill
Constance – Lucy Gries
Alexis – tbc
Aline – Piera Dennerstein
Notary – Robert Moroni
Hercules – Ben Jones
John Wellington Wells – Matthew Cookson