HIT Productions presents 'The Club' by David Williamson

David Williamson's The Club follows the seismic shift from Australian sport to Australian business.

Old school coach and club doyen Laurie Holden has an eye on the future as well as a deep respect for the foundations and history of the club. Self-made millionaire and club president Ted Parker has grand plans to drag them kicking and screaming into the modern era. High priced recruit Geoff Haywood has enough attitude to fill the MCG but is he half as good as he thinks he is?

With the finals looming and reputations on the line, the club has to decide – are old traditions worth preserving when success can seemingly be bought with the stroke of a fountain pen on a very large cheque book? Can the proudest club in the history of Aussie Rules football survive the back room dramas and boardroom brawls that are more ferocious than any on-field dust-up?

Football has never been played like this…

Starring John Wood

FILMED AND EDITED BY: Julianne Wilkinson