Playing Rock Hudson is a new play by Cameron Lukey, produced by Michele Bauer.

One of America's most popular movie stars throughout the fifties and sixties, Rock Hudson was diagnosed with AIDS in 1984, and died a year later. His death made headlines the world over, as the first celebrity figure to publicly succumb to the disease. His passing resulted in an awareness campaign, led by good friend Elizabeth Taylor.

In 1988 Hudson's former lover Marc Christian sued the actor's estate and personal secretary Mark Miller on the grounds of reckless endangerment. He claimed Hudson had put his life at risk by withholding the true nature of his disease for the last year of their relationship. The first of its kind, Christian's lawsuit became a lightning rod for debate and begged the question of responsibility; where do ones legal obligations end and moral duties begin?

Within the courtroom, the most intimate details of Hudson's life were put on display for public scrutiny. The chief question for the jury: Was Christian the love of Hudson's life and a victim of malice, or was he a blackmailing hustler out to play Rock Hudson for all he was worth?

Part courtroom drama, part biography, Playing Rock Hudson explores the building and tearing down of a Hollywood icon, and a legacy that changed the world's perception of AIDS.

Filmed and Edited by James Terry


Director and writer Cameron Lukey
Producer Michele Bauer
Set Design Ryan Foote
Costume Design Esther Marie Hayes
Lighting Design Clare Springett
Sound Design Russell Goldsmith

Roy Fitzgerald (Rock)/ Ron Channell Bartholomew Walsh
Jack Navaar / Marc Christian Shane Savage
Elizabeth Taylor Odette Galbally
Mark Miller Richard Aspel
Robert Mills / Michael Andrew Carolane
Harold Rhoden / Henry Willson Nick Backstrom
George Nader / James Wright / Dr Laurence Sam Lavery