Video introduction to MALTHOUSE’s Season 2 offerings and a brief interview with MALTHOUSE Artistic Director Marion Potts.




“Theatre can only make sense when it’s part of a continuum, part of an ongoing quest to try and find who we are. We visited our ugly side in Season 1…so now it’s time for some affirmation in Season 2.” – Marion Potts, artistic director of the Malthouse Theatre.

Season 2 at the Malthouse Theatre was launched to an enthusiastic crowd on Monday night. The launch opened with the talented Paul Capsis singing a sample from Die Winterreise and closed with an entertaining performance by the artists from The Story of Mary MacLane. With plots ranging from the deity Ganesh trying to reclaim the swastika from Hitler, to Schubert sung in English, to a murder mystery where the audience can use technology to direct and take control, Season 2 promises to be an exhilarating one.

I spoke to the Malthouse’s artistic director, Marion Potts, on the day of the launch.

TP: When did you start planning the season?

MP: We generally work on an annual cycle because we do so many collaborations and co-productions with other people that the programming cycle for them influences our programming cycle.

There is a little bit of flexibility, nevertheless. A project that I’m directing, Little Match Girl, only became finalised in the last few weeks.

TP: What do you look for in projects?

MP: There is a great diversity of projects that we share with audiences. It’s always Malthouse’s philosophy to present a vast range of material. We do some tech-space work, we do physical theatre. There’s a lot on offer for audiences this season.

TP: What is exciting about Season 2?

MP: The thing that’s exciting about this season is the number of artists we have involved. They’re such a fantastically talented group of people. One of the great things about the Malthouse is that it does attract some of the most talented artists in the country because this is where they come to stretch the boundaries of their own practice.

We really do have some fantastic performers, musicians, dancers – lots of people this season.

TP: What do you hope the audience will take away from this season?

MP: I hope audiences will be able to get a sense of the multitude of influences, forces, things that makes us up as human beings, and see themselves refracted through that experience.