Come back stage at the Union Theatre and meet some of the cast for 'A Chorus Line'

Every performer knows it. Every performer says it. “God I hope I get it”.

Originally directed and devised by Michael Bennet in the early 1970s, A Chorus Line details the events of an audition for a Broadway production where 17 dancers describe and relive the events in their lives which have led them into a career in Theatre.

A Chorus Line is as relevant to performers and audiences today as it was nearly 40 years ago when first performed. The stories of the dancers span the spectrum of supported content children following their dreams through to damaged adults trying to escape difficult pasts through the felicity which performing gives them.

A Chorus Line won nine Tony Awards, including 'Best Musical', seven Drama Desk Awards, the New York Critics Circle Award and the Pulitzer Prize for Drama.

Trinity College Musical Theatre Society's production of A Chorus Line directed by Sara Tabitha Catchpole (Titus Andronicus 2013, A Clockwork Orange 2012, NINE 2011) promises fresh and inventive choreography by Cassie Pennicuik (NINE 2011) and stunning musical direction from Anthony Cardamone (Curtains 2011).