Step back in time to the bedazzling song and supper rooms of the 1830s when Old Time Music Hall makes its Melbourne debut at The Butterfly Club in March.

Victorian vaudeville meets Monty Python, this feel-good hour of comic capers and rowdy sing-alongs is presented by a West Australian troupe with 20 years of touring experience.

For more than a century, music hall entertained people from all walks of life. Joy, sentimentality, innuendo, and social comment all had a place in the magical, gas-lit atmosphere of music hall.

Rising musical theatre star Vincent Hooper had never heard of the genre when he joined the troupe more than 10 years ago. But music hall prepared him well for a life on the stage.

‘Music hall is broad, slapstick and vaudevillian. It taught me how to create a character and stretch it to believable extremes,’ Vincent said.

‘You could get a sense of how far you could push a joke and, with a music hall audience, I discovered you can push it pretty far.

‘I certainly drew on this brand of comedy when I later performed in shows like Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, Rocky Horror and Heathers.’

Ian Toyne, Chris Fillis, Ben Clarke, Rob Pring, Madeline Crofts, Kim Moore and Suzanne Barton will star alongside Vincent in the upcoming production.

‘I’m delighted to be treading the boards with the original troupe, and to bring it to Melbourne to give them a cheeky tickle where the sun don’t shine,’ Vincent said.

Show details:
Old Time Music Hall
Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 March, at 5.30pm
The Butterfly Club, Carson Place (off Little Collins Street), Melbourne

Ticket details:
Full $32 / Concession $28 / Group $25
Book online at