Arts Centre Melbourne in partnership with the Victorian Parliament and The Push have come together to create Steri-LIVE, an imagined festival to inspire a state-wide audience impacted by the pandemic.

Steri-LIVE, ‘The Best Festival to Never Happen’, has been designed by participants of The Channel and The Push’s New Slang program, which supports young Victorians interested in developing skills in event creation and management.

This initiative has created an opportunity for young aspiring creators aged 15-17, supported by the Parliament of Victoria, to team up with members from Arts Centre Melbourne, The Push, and creative mentors Giulia McGauran, Beatrice Lewis and Nicholas Campbell, to dream of what an event would look like in today’s current social and political climate.

The temporary closure of Parliament House during the COVID-19 crisis and the cancellation of a major youth music event in April led to the Parliament exploring new ways of working with young people. The Victorian Parliament has been collaborating with Arts Centre Melbourne and The Push Inc. on youth engagement activities since 2016 and teamed up to experiment with digital technologies during lockdown.

Steri-LIVE is available to explore here.