Perth Fringe Festival – Pleasure Garden

jz4ek7d432mv-2Look, I am cool and famous ok? How do I know? The very first day of Perth’s Fringe Festival, I got invited to an exclusive afterparty for the massively popular singer Ms Uta. Aloft Hotels in Perth didn’t just give her a room – they actually built her, her own luxurious hotel suite in the middle of Perth’s Pleasure Gardens for her use throughout her entire stay of the Fringe Festival. I think they know how messy celebrity after parties can be.


Uta is a smash hit at the Perth Fringe Festival, now nominated for the West Australian’s Art Editor Award, so there may soon be an additional reason to celebrate and pop the champagne. But then again, Uta is used to being a smash hit wherever she goes winning awards at festivals and having sell-out shows across Australia and the world.

Uta is basically having the comeback tour of all time and is celebrating the launch of her new single with her fans, the Army of Love and is uber keen to spend time with them (especially if they are famous). Georgina Symes and Nic Holas are the team behind Uta’s tour, tirelessly helping her maintain her image of all the fun bright things the universe has to offer, help her stay consistent with her branding (it is very important to be authentic) and generally have a fabulous fun time.


And of course, you don’t get into an after party unless you know someone, right? But you know me. If you are in Perth, I can get you into the most happening place to be at Perth’s Fringe Festival. Think about it. You get to sip champagne and discuss life and love and fame with only the most fabulous of fabulous people while you look out the windows at other Fringe attendees who can only wish that they were you.

jz4ek7d432mvUta Uber Kool Ja? runs till Sunday the 5th of February in her fantastic hotel room in the Perth Pleasure Gardens at Russel Square after which Uta jet sets off to her next celebrity adventure.

If you ever wanted to be a celebrity, this is your chance.

Photo credit: Jeremy Drape