Williamstown Musical Theatre Company Inc is proud to announce the cast of our November 2013 production of ‘Urinetown – The Musical’


Officer Lockstock –
Shane Foster
Little Sally –
Stephanie Hickey
Bobby Strong –
Marco Fusco
Caldwell B. Cladwell –
Steven Frisby
Hope Cladwell –
Jen McKinnon
Penelope Pennywise –
Bianca Giorgetti
Officer Barrel –
Tristan Lawrence
Mr McQueen –
Brian Dixon
Senator Fipp –
Andrew Patterson
Hot Blades Harry/ Old Man Strong –
Christopher Welldon
Josephine Strong –
Bec Muratore
Soupy Sue –
Felicia Fragapane
Tiny Tom –
Jayson Fry
Little Becky Two-Shoes –
Jessie Oliver
Robby the Stockfish –
Shannan Marino
Billy Boy Bill –
Matthew Sheahan
Mrs Millenium/ Tittering Tenielle –
Sarah Pascall
Dr Billeaux –
David Cenzato
Cladwell's Secretary/ Messy Mia –
Alexandra Rees
Juicy Lucy –
Brooke Kotsos
Seedy Sadie –
Melissa Quinn
Tea Bag Tilly –
Jessica Quayle