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Seth Drury’s Unmasking Prince Charming will make its Melbourne debut as part of Melbourne Fringe Festival, 16-19 September at The Owl and Cat Theatre, Richmond.

This oh so charming one-man cabaret, is fuelled by a lifetime of want-to-be fairytale Prince memoirs and mishaps. It is but a glimpse into what he would call, his Obsessive Compulsive Disney Prince Disorder.

Unmasking Prince Charming dares to ask the real questions of our Disney heroes: Does ‘happily ever after’ really exist? Is it romantic to join your neighbour in song, after breaking into their house? Is it ok to kiss someone when they’re unconscious?

Featuring a myriad of beloved Disney melodies and a plethora of farfetched stereotypes, former Australian Idol contestant Seth Drury explores one man’s struggle to overcome a disorder that even Walt Disney himself would find a little intense. So, hold onto your glass slippers and don’t let your apples out of sight!

Unmasking Prince Charming

VENUE: The Owl and Cat Theatre – 34 Swan St, Richmond, VIC
DATES: 16th-19th of September @ 8pm (50min)
TO BOOK TICKETS visit or call (03) 9660 9666
All Tickets $25