Courtney Love and Lindy Chamberlain cross paths on the Federal Highway at midnight, on their way to consult an oracle. A series of impossible encounters unfold.

With a heady sense of the uncanny, Love/Chamberlain explores the way the stories of Lindy Chamberlain and Courtney Love have permeated Australia’s collective consciousness, and asks “what lies behind the intense judgement and scrutiny of women in the media? ”, “How do we treat women whose behaviour deviates from social expectations?” and “how do these judgements spill over into everyday life?”

 Although the height of the frenzy around Lindy Chamberlain and Courtney Love happened in the 1980’s and 1990’s respectively, their stories still resonate today. Love/Chamberlain draws on this contemporary relevance and touches on issues including the judgement of women in the media; Australia’s obsession with American culture; and White Australia’s uneasy relationship with its colonial past – something which surfaced throughout the Chamberlain case, with its proximity to Uluru and the fact that crucial evidence provided by Aboriginal trackers was overlooked.

Ainslie and Gorman’s Ralph Indie program supports artists to develop and present new performance works in the Ralph Wilson theatre at Gorman Arts Centre. By offering the time, space, and funds needed to explore bold and brave artistic ideas, Ralph Indie encourages innovation, experimentation and cross-disciplinary investigations in the performing arts.

November 8 – 12

RALPH INDIE: Love/ Chamberlain