UMMTA have come up with a brilliant new marketing scheme…

The cast of UMMTA’s The Wedding Singer took to the streets recently to promote their upcoming show. Melbournians were treated to several ‘flashmob’ performances of the show’s opening number ‘It’s Your Wedding Day’ throughout the CBD on Saturday May 1st. This is testament to the enthusiasm and energy the cast have produced that is so impressive to director Brad Dylan, who claims, “Audiences will be “amazed by the cast’s energy. They are so switched on and will make the audience wish they were right up there with them!”

The Wedding Singer is based on the 1998 film of the same name staring Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore. Its progression to the Broadway stage in 2006 was natural for a story that celebrates and satirises the big hair and bad fashion of the eighties. We find ourselves in 1985 and meet Robbie Hart, a popular wedding singer from New Jersey. Robbie’s luck (and attitude) changes when he is left at the altar at his own wedding! His hopes for a romantic ending are dashed, until he meets Julia Sullivan. A romance blossoms, but is overshadowed by Julia’s impeding nuptials – to Glen Gulia! Robbie has to pull the performance of his career if he is to win her heart and stop her from becoming… Julia Gulia.

Brad Dylan (director) is inspired by the show’s message. “Love conquers all and no one should settle for less than true love. It is a reminder to be true to your feelings”.

And of course there’s the lesson to be learned from spandex.

Brad says, “What I love about The Wedding Singer is not only the amazing energy and awesome score, but the truth and honesty of the characters in their search for love and happiness. The presentation of this story, therefore, must be to bring that amazing story to the fore-front, and I believe the cast achieves this vision with flying colours.”

Thankfully, Adams Sandler’s ‘Somebody Kill Me’ has survived the transition from film to musical comedy. The audience will also be treated to new songs such as ‘Saturday Night in the City’, ‘All About the Green’ and ‘If I Told You’. It also features the number ‘Move That Thang’, featuring the iconic Grandma Rosie. The songs pay homage to the pop songs of the 1980s, a time some of us remember fondly. (Whereas, others are still trying to forget.)

Most of the cast of The Wedding Singer are first year students at Melbourne University. It is incredibly fitting that a story celebrating the nineteen-eighties is to be performed by the generation it produced.

The wedding singer is to be performed at
The Union Theatre, Ground Floor, Union House
The University of Melbourne
14th, 15th, 19th and 22nd of May at 7:30pm.
Matinee- 2pm 22nd of May.
Tickets – $23/$18.