Following the success of UMMTA's Curtains and Assassins in 2011, UMMTA is proud to announce its Semester 1 show for 2012: Tommy!

After witnessing the accidental murder of his mother's lover by his father, young Tommy is traumatised into a catatonia and suffers abuse from sadistic relatives and neighbours. Fortunately, Tommy is saved when as an adolescent, he discovers an uncanny knack for playing pinball! He becomes an expert and an international superstar, inspiring youth around the world. Based on The Who's 1969 album Tommy and with music and lyrics by Pete Townshend, this tale of a young boy’s journey from pain to triumph is the most electrifying rock and roll event to hit the theatre! For a full synopsis of the show, visit:

We are currently seeking talented, dedicated and enthusiastic applicants to fulfill the following roles:

* Director & Assistant Director
* Musical Director
* Choreographer
* Production Manager
* Technical Director
* Lighting Designer
* Sound Designer
* Stage Manager
* Costume Designer
* Set Designer
* Vocal Coach
* Rehearsal Pianist

Your submission should include any previous experience, any anticipated work or university conflicts during Semester 1 and an expression of your creative vision for Tommy. Performance dates will be the 27th April – 5th of May 2012 in the Union House Theatre, University of Melbourne. Production Team Applications must be submitted by the 5th of January 2012. Submit your online application at:

Should you require any further information in regards to these positions or the production itself, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]