Ainslie and Gorman Arts Centres is delighted to announce the premiere of Tristan: A Song for the Superior Man, a new Australian theatre work presented as part of our Ralph Indie program in 2017.

Presented in partnership with Little Dove Theatre Art, Tristan: A Song for the Superior Man enters into the highly charged discourse around masculinity. In a world rife with problematic social attitudes around the identity and performance of masculinity, this new theatre work asks “What does it mean to be a good man?”

Tristan: A Song for the Superior Man is vigorous physical theatre interspersed with story, song and dance. It is highly visual and entertaining but also aims to truly connect with the audience through the vulnerability of the local male cast.

Little Dove’s aesthetic is based on a fusion of influences with a major focus on butoh dance, live art and contemporary performance. It is through the mixing of genres and experimentation of form that the company has developed an ever-changing and categorically diverse array of artistic products.


Writer and director Chenoeh Miller says: “The audience will experience a beautiful, energetic piece of theatre. And they will also gain some insight in to the male condition as told by men in the show.”

Drawing from the experiences shared by the male cast, Tristan: A Song for the Superior Man focuses on the lived experience of masculinity. Chenoeh Miller says: It is the men involved in the creative development that have defined the content – how they deal with violent tendencies, romantic relationships, coming out of the closet, and the unfair expectations that are so often placed on them to be tough, resilient and providing.”

The Tristan cast is made up of well-known local performance artists with varying skill sets – each of whom are challenged to portray an insightful and intimate side of themselves.

Tristan: A Song for a Superior Man is the final production presented in the Ralph Indie season 2017.

Ainslie and Gorman’s Ralph Indie program supports artists to develop and present new performance works in the Ralph Wilson theatre at Gorman Arts Centre. By offering the time, space, and funds needed to explore bold and brave artistic ideas, Ralph Indie encourages innovation, experimentation and cross-disciplinary investigations in the performing arts.


Co-producers: Little Dove Theatre Art
Writer/Director: Chenoeh Miller
Dance Choreographer: Alison Plevey
Co-writers/Performers: Chris Endrey, Nick Delatovic, Oliver Levi-Malouf, Erica Field, Raoul Craemer

When: Preview: 28 November | Season: 29 November – 3 December.
Where: Ralph Wilson Theatre, Gorman Arts Centre, Canberra
Tickets: $25 concession | $30 full | $35 supporter*. Available online.
*Purchase a supporter ticket and ensure an extra $5 goes directly to the artists