When you see the show “Trash Test Dummies” you will understand why Dummies Corp have won a slew of awards and garnered rave reviews around the globe. Since their Melbourne world premiere in 2013, “Trash Test Dummies” has won Best Children’s Presentation at Adelaide Fringe Festival 2016 and 2015, Children’s Choice Award 2016 runner up at Edinburgh Fringe Festival and Best Kids Show at Melbourne Fringe Festival nominee in 2017.

Returning to Perth, the troupe has been joined by Perth native, Amy Nightingale-Olsen, the first ever female Dummie. A renowned acrobat, Amy also holds the title of Australia’s most highly-skilled Icarian Games (foot juggling) performer. Sharing the stage with Amy are circus comedians, Thomas McDonald and Leigh Rhodes, both graduates of Australia’s premier circus academy the National Institute for Circus Arts (NICA).

The original Trash Test Dummies creator, performer and Dummies Corp Founder Jamie Bretman, has directed the Perth Fringe World season, and he certainly knows what will enthral audiences.RR_NEW-CAST_PR_04

Be prepared for a vast array of entertainment with music and funny, minimalist dialogue accompanying acrobatics, gymnastics, physical comedy and slapstick, hat juggling and hat tricks, roller blading, dance and frolicking immersive action. The four wheelie bins are imaginatively transformed into cars, hideaway trenches, chariots, rocket ships, musical instruments and equipment for circus madness that is “Trash Test Dummies”.

Nightingale-Olsen, McDonald and Rhodes are amazing to watch, interweaving comedy and catch-your-breath action. “Trash Test Dummies” is a wonderful introduction to theatre and circus for kids, and a reminder for carers, parents and grandparents to keep supporting theatrical events that all the family will enjoy.

The performance runs for 60 minutes and shows are at 6.20pm until 3 February (no show on 28 January) at The Big Top, The Woodside Pleasure Garden, Russell Square, James Street, Northbridge. Price: $16.50 – $27.50. Tickets: www.fringeworld.com.au