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Since the launch of the new format earlier this year, TP Talk has been clearer to use than ever. Comments are grouped around discussions, so you can follow a thread without scrolling through a range of other topics.
Even better, the Theatre People website now has all sorts of opportunities for leaving comments – not just in TP Talk. Readers can post comments at the bottom of Features, News Flash items, even Auditions. Share your reaction to the announcement of a new production. Give your opinion about issue raised in a Feature. Congratulate friends in a cast list.
There are a couple of ways to leave comments. The best way is to set up an account with TP, giving you a user name and password. Registering is easy. Try it now by clicking on ‘Create new account’ on the right hand side of the screen.
Whenever you log in you can see which items have new comments since your last visit – very handy. Even better, you can start discussions in TP Talk and then receive email notifications if other readers leave comments in your thread. Registered users do not have to have their comments moderated, the comments load directly onto the site.
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Commenting without setting up an account is easy as well. Just type in your comment and it will be posted online as soon as our one of our team checks the pending comments, which happens several times a day. You can also receive notifications when others respond after your comment.
Current TP Talk topics include a call for 2011 musical rumours and a post mortem on this year’s Helpmanns. Surely you have something to share. What have you heard? Be part of the TP community and let everyone know what you think. Just a friendly reminder – use your name as we don’t post anonymous comments.
We are constantly looking for ways to improve the site so please feel free to leave your feedback.
The TP team are looking forward to hearing from you, our faithful, opinionated, in-the-know readers!