In light of recent events that have taken place on the TP Talk board, our acceptable posting policy has now changed.

Anonymous postings will no longer be posted on Theatre People.  We also ask that our registered users use their real names to post, or risk havng their postings deleted.

Feedback is the breakfast of champions they say, but you need to choose your words carefully and most importantly, identify yourself. I’m sure most people don’t mind getting some feedback, as long as it’s put to them the right way and they know where it’s coming from, but negative anonymous postings do absolutely nothing to further develop anyone’s talents.  In fact, they do the exact opposite.  Before you make a posting, I ask you to ask yourself… Would I say this to the person’s face?  How would I like it if this was said about me? How is this going to help anyone?  If your answer to any of these questions is "no", then perhaps it’s best you kept your opinion to yourself.


The TP Team