Kassie Martin, onstage swing in WICKED, shares her top ten ways to keep enjoying a long running show.


1. Remember who you are without the show and in your time off do things you love to do. Eg: cook, catch up with friends, see a movie, shop.

2. Remember the show is your top priority so always listen to your body. If you are tired don’t over train (vocally or physically) so you don’t leave yourself without any left for work.

3. Usually about three months in, or at a change of season, sickness can go round. Keep vitamins stocked, eat healthy and be sensible about nights out.

4. Give yourself a hobby for work if there is a lot of down time during your track. Eg: read, knit, study.

5. Keeping up relationships (with family or partners) can be close to impossible with time differences or the strange hours we keep. Never underestimate the importance of making time for these relationships as you will need their support more than you know at times.

6. There comes a time when you may need to audition for something else. Try hard to keep up singing lessons and dance lessons (when you have the energy) so you don’t hurt yourself or your throat when you push yourself on the day. You can’t afford to be poorly for work.

7. Long runs can get boring as you’re doing the same thing night after night in monotony. Be sure to find new moments and intentions (within reason) to keep things fresh on stage.

8. We are very lucky that we often get to travel to places we will not otherwise see. If you want take the opportunity and have a look around on your day off then go for it. Don’t let the tour pass and regret it on the plane flight home.

9. Massages and Physio, although sometimes pricey, are of great benefit. No matter how much dancing you do during your show, being on your feet and wearing heavy costumes takes its toll. Don’t let a niggle get into a full blown injury where you need time off.

10. We are always around many people. Give yourself “me” time. Eg: Meditate, relax or just sit in a park. Our brains are always going 100 miles an hour. It needs a rest too and goes through many ups and downs during a week.

AND – always remember a daily dose of CHOCOLATE!!


Kassie Martin