It’s Olympic time again.

Whether you’re a fan of sports or not, here’s our list of the top ten musical theatre songs with an Olympic-related theme.


10. It’s a Hard Knock Life (Annie)

There’s been tears, broken bones and broken dreams. It’s a hard knock life for athletes.

Please Credit 2012 JIM LEE PHOTO


9. Another Bites the Dust (We Will Rock You)

Every time an athlete hits the ground you can sing this one.


8. Bicycle Race (We Will Rock You)

This song from We Will Rock You is perfect to sing during the cycling races.


7. Under Pressure (We Will Rock You)

Let’s face it, they’re all under pressure to perform. Sing it whenever the commentators mention the word “pressure”.

WWRY Gareth and Claire
6. Everyone’s a Little Bit Racist (Avenue Q)

We’re all a little bit racist. So just admit it and sing this catchy number from Avenue Q.

Racist Avenue Q


5. The Winner Takes it All (Mamma Mia)

Specifically, the winner takes the gold medal, the media coverage, the sponsorships … you get the picture.

Mamma Mia winner takes it all

4. I Have a Dream (Mamma Mia)

Every time the phrase “Olympic dream” is used in commentary (which is quite a lot!) sing this one.

Mamma Mia Have a Dream

3. We Are the Champions (We Will Rock You)

The perfect song for the gold medal winning teams.

We Will Rock You cast

2. Gold (Once)

“I wouldn’t trade her for gold (MEDAL),” proving love is more important than the Olympics. Every time someone wins gold, consider whether they’d really give it up for love.

Once Australian cast


1. I Go To Rio (The Boy From Oz)

What more can we say? It’s Rio, baby!